Monday, August 1, 2011

Why I have grown to love the gym

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the gym!

For the longest time I was against getting a gym membership, and in theory, I still am. Why would I spend money to lift weights or run on a treadmill (aka the hamster wheel) when I could stay active for free?

Then back in the Fall, my friend Amarea invited me to go to step class with her. Thankfully my tuition covered the university's gym membership. And you know what? I loved it!


It was a good workout and I had a ton of fun while doing it (although I have almost fallen off my step on numerous occassions!). But after step class, Amarea and her coworkers would often lift weights, and at that point I would say "Ciao! I gotta go study (aka facebook creep for a few hours)". Then, one day, I caved and joined them. And you know what? I loved it!

*double gasp*

I loved that my arms became more defined and no longer looked like twigs hanging from my shoulders. I loved that I could see my progress over time as I increased weights and resistance. And I loved that I felt stronger and could probably take down a lot of girls in an arm least in my head I could :P

It all got even better when I moved at the beginning of the summer to an apartment that has a gym right inside! I could just roll out of bed, walk downstairs and watch the news while doing weights. And if the weather was disgusting outside (all of May & June), I could run on the treadmill, knowing that I would stay dry and that if my torn meniscus came back to haunt me I could step right off.

But it all really hit me when I went to the gym this morning, after being deprived for the past 5 weeks while living in Bridgewater. It makes me think that when the day comes where I don't have access to a free gym membership, maybe I would actually pay for one! Only time will tell!

By the way, today is a holiday in Halifax! Yup! Natal Day is Halifax's birthday. And to celebrate, I went out for breakfast at Cora's with my friend Jessie. Don't worry, the meal fell within my budget ;)

I enjoyed "Eggs Ben et Dictine" made with brie cheese & mushrooms, served with fresh fruit & roasted potatoes

Jessie enjoyed a sunshine panini-crepe, served with fresh fruit

It was absolutely delicious!

Do you have a gym membership? If yes, was it a difficult decision of whether to invest in one? If no, do you have a specific reason for not purchasing one?


  1. Well, you know my feelingon this one, but I totally think it's worth the money! I'd never exercise if I didnt have the gym!

    Glad you enjoyed our gym experience! Maybe you'll return to Step in the Fall??

  2. I dont have one, but I have a good set up at home!! I have dumbbells, a kettlebell, treadmill, exercise ball and 2 soccer balls (yes, I count soccer as a workout, it stinkin gets me sweatin'!!)

  3. Step for SURE this fall! I gotta keep my buns in shape ;)

    And that sounds like an awesome at-home gym you have Kat! Soccer is definitely a workout. Especially if you're midfield. I avoided that position like the plague in high school :D