Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sister Date @ the Farmer's Market!

I love the market! I know I've said it dozens of times before but whenever I go on a Saturday morning I fall in love with the fresh aromas, vibrant colours, and lively environment all over again.

This was my sister's first time visiting and it was an all-new experience for her. Miriam & Sarah enjoyed fresh waffles while I had a mediterranean crepe (mozzarella cheese, onions, egg, spinach & dried figs) from Creperie Mobile.


I also picked up some Chive Goat Cheese from Foxhill Farms & a 5lb bag of apples from Noggins Farm as snacks for this coming week. They will be a little more sustaining than the baby carrots I've been munching on (I can go through a 1lb bag with hummus in a sitting...eek!).

On the other side, I just created a budget!! Yup! I know...the unimaginable happened! Haha. I've had this on my mind since I got my first (and ONLY) credit card but have been procrastinating. This past Monday I went to a Bible study in Bridgewater that is going through a series by Dave Ramsey called "Financial Peace University". That man is able to take the most frightening financial ideas and break them down to bite-size morsels :).

I am just realizing how important it is for me to get a hold of my finances now and how it will ultimately affect me to retirement (and literally to death). One blogger I follow, Tina, gave me excellent advice, saying:

"Pretend its a game against yourself. It makes budgeting more fun for me. LOL"

And that is exactly what I'm going to do! I'm up for a good challenge :)

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