Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughts on...general surgery

There have been moments in my life where something finally clicks. It's like an epiphany. An "aha!" moment. I haven't had one of these in a really long time, but this week I had a few.

Aha moment #1: I don't mind living in a rural community!
I just finished my 4th week in Bridgewater and honestly, I don't really miss the city at all! If anything I'm enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

I do miss my family & friends but the city is only an hour away (Please note: I realize Bridgewater isn't too rural. It is, however, considerably smaller than Halifax).

How could you NOT miss sisters like these? And no, I'm not saying that to suck up :P

Aha moment #2: kids grow up waaaay to fast!
This hit me when I went to the fridge in our garage to grab a block of cream cheese. I looked out the window and saw 'D' who's about 14 yrs old now and thought "OH MY GOODNESS HE'S BIG!!!" Seriously, when our neighbors moved in he was probably 5 yrs old. Now his voice has changed. It's weird. I feel our neighbors kids should never pass the age of 10.

Aha moment #3: I love medicine!
I're probably thinking, "duhhhh're a MED STUDENT after all!". And it's true. I've known I wanted to be a physician since I was in high school. But I've had so many moments this week where I've lost all track of time while shadowing, where I came home and read up on cases I had seen, and where I thought, "This is amaaaazing!". It's reminded me a lot of last spring. Everything is starting to make sense...and it feels good :)

Me & Dr. Eli from of the most amazing preceptors I've had

P.S. Please forgive me for the deceiving title. I've just realized I've gone off track and haven't written too much about gen surg :P.

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