Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada Day weekend recap

What a beautiful weekend we had! My pastor worded it well in saying that he began to think the weekend was synonymous with rain :D. But we finally had sunshine all the way through! I came back home on Thursday evening and relaxed with my family...and perhaps ate some cookie dough... :)

Friday started early with the Sackville Patriot's Day Parade. My friend Jessie and I have been volunteering on the Feed NS float for the past 3 years and have dressed up like fun things like:



...and this year...princesses/ladies in waiting!

For the afternoon we headed to the grand opening of the Luckett Vineyard in the scenic Gaspereau Valley. Our visit included a tour of the vineyard, yummy appetizers, a sampler of 5 wines, ...

...getting a picture in the phone booth,

...oh, and grabbing a pic with Pete, of course ;)

Friday ended with a trip downtown to see the fireworks and then enjoyable appetizers with my good friends Sarah & Jordan at Rockbottom Brewery.

Saturday also had an early start - mom and I went to the farmers market. I love this place! It is literally one of my favourite things about Halifax! We both enjoyed a coffee and had breakfast - an apple danish for mom and a wrap from the singing omelette man for me! I think the cost of the wrap was well worth it for the entertainment alone :D. Later on my sisters and I headed to a friend's house for a BBQ where we enjoyed good company, good food, and fun games.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm doing internal medicine this week! I'm really excited because I don't know what to the same time I'm nervous because it's something new. Hopefully I won't say anything too stupid and recall a few things I learned in first semester!!

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