Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello New Hair!!



full of life...

...these are just a few adjectives to describe how my hair feels now! The dead ends have pretty much been cut off and I'm enjoying this nice light do :).

I took this pic AFTER biking home...not bad, eh? haha.

If you are ever in the Bridgewater area, I highly recommend Tanya Colp. She is friendly, fantastic and knows how to do hair.

The ride back was a leisurely coast downhill. I stopped on the old bridge and enjoyed the view.

The relaxation continued into the evening as Lynsee and I watched the sunset from the hammock in the backyard.

Don't worry, we were protected from the mosquitos.

As we laid there, I fiddled around with my camera settings and found a way to make the trees look psychadelic :P

Heading to bed now. Gotta be ready for another day of palliative care tomorrow!

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