Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach day!

As I walked home from the hospital today, I mentally mapped out what my evening would entail. This included:

- working on a systematic review
- reading up on hematology/microbiology
- creating a budget
- getting my hair cut
- exercising (no wait...that's a lie. it was too hot to even breathe today)

However, all these plans quickly went out the window when my housemate Lynsee asked, "Do you want to go to the beach?"


So, instead I spent the evening:

Eating chocolate fudge at the LaHave Bakery,

Strolling along Crescent Beach (the only beach in NS that you can drive on!),

Squishing jellyfish with my toes,

Walking through a scary tunnel to get to Risser's Beach,

Mustering up the courage for my first outdoor beach swim of the year,

Enjoying the beautiful walk back to the car,

Fishing for mackeral (Lynsee caught 2! And I don't have my fishing license...boo!)

And taking in the breathtaking beauty of Creation.

In the end, "productivity" can wait :)

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