Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am in love...

...with chocolate lava cakes!

I have been itchin' to make these bad boys since my friend Tish served them at one of her dinner parties. Tish, I'm sure you'll make an excellent doctor, but the culinary world is deprived of your talent :P.

Last weekend I headed to Cucina Moderna and bought some ramekins for next to nothing with the intent of taking on the baking challenge in order to indulge my tastebuds once again.

After some thorough searching online, I found a recipe by Alton Brown that appeared tried, tested, and true.

The result? Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.

Chocolate lava cake dusted with icing sugar and served with vanilla ice cream & mangoes

Oooey gooey goodness inside

Having two consecutive days of sweet bliss almost seems unfair...but I'm not going to complain ;)


  1. Yay lava cake!! Didn't this discovery change your life? Loves, Tish

  2. Absolutely! It was almost TOO easy. I felt like I was cheating for having something so sinfully delicious ;). This will be my go-to dessert recipe from now on!