Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 25th birthday x 4 = 100 yrs!!!

What's better than a birthday party? A colour-themed birthday party for 4 friends who ALL turn 25 this year!

The colours? Orange, Pink, Green, and Blue

The 25'ers? Chris, Sam, Allyson, and Derek

Number of cakes? 4 personal-sized + 1 DQ ice cream cake (beautifully decorated by Chris) + 1 chocolate angel food cake.

Personal-sized cakes created by Sam

The chocolate angel food cake

And la piece de resistance...a cake by the Cakemaster himself...Chris Fraser!

Getting ready to blow out the candles of their individual cakes

Annnnnnd it all goes up in smoke :P. To be expected when there are 100 candles!

Followed by blowing out the candles on the joint bday cake!

Chris is actually one of my oldest friends (not in age, but duration). We first met in grade 4 when I came to HCA for school and have been BFFs since. Okay, that is a lie...I acted like boys had cooties until about a year ago :P. I truly feel blessed to have met everyone I did at my school. A lot of those friendships have continued and thrived throughout the years. Even times when busyness hits and I can't see my friends for weeks or months I know that everything will be cool when I see them again. Unfortunately I often take this for granted and get wrapped up in my own routine. Thankfully I'm recognizing that now! And thankfully I have friends (and family!!) who are super understanding. So thanks friends...for being my friends throughout the years. I love you all!

The HCA Class of 2004 crew :)

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