Sunday, July 10, 2011

I heart groupon

Have you heard of Groupon? It's a website that negotiates huge discounts - usually 50-90% off - with popular businesses. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. My first purchase was $4 for $8 worth of coffee/cafe fare the Smiling Goat Organic Espresso Bar. I did my research and discovered that it was similar to TeamBuy, another discount website I subscribed to. I also figured that if I was scammed $4 it wouldn't be toooo big of a deal (although my pride would be wounded).

Well it worked!! And now I am an avid fan of all things discount!! Oh yes, I subscribe daily toTeamBuy, Groupon, WagJag, Kijiji Daily Deals, and DealFind. It has gotten me cheap pizza, pub food, sushi, running gear, baby shower gifts, a 2-month curves membership for my mom...I could go on!

Yesterday I was in the mood for shopping but not spending, especially after creating my first ever budget. So out came the groupons for the Running Room ($50 for $25) and Cucina Moderna ($40 for $20)! At the Running Room I bought a Nike dryfit tank, Ironman velocity pro socks (don't want blisters from downhill running again!), and 4 CLIF bars...and paid $7.37 in cash. Theoretically, I only paid $25 for these purchases...the $7.37 was the tax.

Then it was off to Cucina Moderna. I've been thinking about purchasing ramekins ever since my classmate Tish (chef extraordinaire) made chocolate lava cakes. I initially purchased 5 for $3.99 each and grabbed these cool vapur water bottles (BPA free...and they just roll up when you're done with them!!), thinking that it would come close enough to $40 that I could spare the few cents. Unfortunately I needed to make a purchase of at least $ I grabbed the blue paring knife.

As I was walking with my parents in the mall, my mind kept going to my budget and how there were identical ramekins for $2.99 each. So I went back and exchanged them. I KNEW that it would be impossible to truly enjoy them at $3.99 each!! I ended up getting $5.75 store credit which I know I will use in the near future (because I bought 2 of these groupons...haha).

So, I got all of the above products for $17.42 - $5.45 = $11.97 total!! I actually didn't even have to pay for my groupons because I had enough credit (for every friend referred you get $10).

All in all, I would say this was a very successful shopping trip :).

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