Monday, July 25, 2011

Foot fetish

Feet are weird...just sayin' :P

They're one of those body parts that people can strongly like or hate. They can look flawless screaming for help.

Through the years, my feet have been on quite the journey, ranging from well-groomed & tanned to rough & discoloured (probably due to running). Sorry for any traumatic visuals you're getting!

The worst was when I was in Benin. I wore flip flops for 3 months straight in dusty streets. There was one day when the bottoms of my feet were black. BLACK!! No word of a lie.

This picture doesn't do the situation justice.

Since coming back from Benin my feet have been neglected. Poor feet.

But today they were pampered, thanks to my housemake Lynsee :). She invited me for some foot TLC

She had a wide colour palette for me to choose from

And I even got to select my own print design!

Here she is applying the flowers

And the end result

Lynsee chose stripes & triangles

Don't our feet look cute?

It's like they're BFFs

So if you're in the Bridgewater area and need an excellent nail-painting job, look no further! Lynsee's the girl :)

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  1. Dude your nails look awesome!! Im pretty bad at being girly, but I ALWAYS have my toes painted!!