Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unlucky Number 37

Some people believe in lucky numbers but I never have. In China, the word "8" is very similar to the word "wealth" or "prosper". It's therefore seen as a lucky number (hence the Beijing olympic opening ceremony being on 8/8/2008...coincidence? I think not!).

Now if I was going to go for an unlucky number today it would be 37. Why? That is the number of bugbites I acquired from yesterday's berry picking excursion!! They're all currently being soothed by my housemate's calomine lotion.

It almost would have been easier to take a calomine bath :P

But today I pushed through the itchiness (or pruritis, if you want the medical term. haha.) and enjoyed another day of surgery - this time it was scopes, follow-up appointments and minor procedures in the OR. Can you keep a secret? It is very possible that I may have given stitches to someone today (*mentally screaming and jumping up & down from excitement*). But you didn't hear that from me ;).

After work I hung out with Cec. This time, instead of going to the beach we headed out for a walk...a 105 minute walk!! I am officially counting that as my exercise for the day (especially after running around the surgical unit all morning & afternoon). The time went by quickly though, especially with the beautiful scenery.

Ok, fine...there was some good 'ol backwoods rustic scenery as well!!

Before heading back home we stopped by Tastee Freeze and I got a soft serve twisted ice cream on a homemade waffle cone.

I know...I know...there goes the walk! But you know what? Life is too short to miss out on the occasional ice cream treat. I'm not going to let guilt get to me today! :)

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