Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy housewarming/last fam med day!

Last night my housemate threw a housewarming party! She has only owned the house for about 1 month and had friends and family over to celebrate this new step in her life. There was good conversation, great food, and thoughtful cards/gifts throughout the evening.

Gifts of Tupperware!

It seems strange to me that someone my age owns a house, but I guess it would be more common in smaller towns. And it makes sense...there are "relatively cheaper" houses located in great locations in Bridgewater. And there's only so much rent one can pay before you're tired of your money disappearing before your eyes. The Halifax equivalent would just be a condo.

This was also my last day in family medicine and it was a good one! One of the most interesting patients was one who presented with CLASSIC symptoms of MI: chest discomfort increasing in frequency and intensity, spreading up the chest and down the left arm, waking up at night from chest pain and shortness of breath, tachycardic on was crazy! I'm a bit sad that this is it for family med but am also excited for internal medicine next week!

Well, it's time to head home now. Just had supper and packed my things. More updates will come with this Canada Day weekend :)

Yummm...mixed green salad with salmon!

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