Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thoughts on family med...

There are some aspects about family medicine (rural, in particular) that I love. Getting to know the patients on a more personal level, relative control over your own schedule, knowing a bit about a LOT of health conditions... . The bonus of practicing in a rural setting is the opportunity to do rounds in the hospital (emerg, ICU, etc) to see your own patients or being asked to assist in surgical procedures. I have to admit, family medicine is very appealing right now. I think one of the biggest struggles for me would be monotony (although that is a possibility in any speciality) as well as the fact that the majority of what is treated is chronic pain and mental health. Don't get me wrong, I think these are two areas that definitely require care! But am I passionate about this field? I don't know. But I would say the same about pretty much any specialty right now.

Today was definitely a roaster! Apparently it only got up to 21 degrees but felt a lot warmer in the sun!! When I got back from the clinic I had supper (same as yesterday...I am in love with the bread that I bought!) and then went for a 10k bike ride on the Centennial Trail. It definitely feels good to be biking again! I love going FAST and feeling the breeze in my face! I also like that my knee doesn't bother me at all while biking. Downside? Bugs...in my eye...ewww. That happened about 3x during the excursion. Next time I'll be sure to wear sunglasses!

When getting back I had a snack - some organic hummus and a 1lb bag of baby carrots. Wow. 1lb. It just hit me that I have a pound of baby carrots in my stomach! Haha.

I'm gonna drink some tea and relax tonight...maybe watch something online while crosstitching. I am an old woman at heart! Maybe the resident cat, Maxi, will join me :). Say hello to Maxi!

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