Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello Bridgewater!

I'm finally here! After months of emails and paperwork I have arrived in Bridgewater for the NS Preceptorship program. I am with a family doc in the area and had my first day with him yesterday. Man...did we ever fly through patients!! This experience is a lot different than rural week, where I was with another family doc who was still setting up practice and taking new patients. I do enjoy the fast pace - I get to learn a lot and talk to several interesting people.

As far as accommodations are concerned, I'd like to think I lucked out :). I actually only found out I was in Bridgewater on Friday afternoon which gave me...a little over 48 hrs to find affordable accommodations in the area!!! I'm staying in a house with 3 other girls and the space is quite comfortable. And the best news? The hospital and clinic I'm at this week are less than a 15 minute walk away (although, I did walk in the wrong direction yesterday which put me 5 minutes behind...oops!).

What are my biggest concerns coming here? To be honest, Bridgewater doesn't feel that small. The town really has everything it needs and it's all within walking distance of where I am. I think I'm more scared that I'll get out of shape which is why I brought my bike :D. I'm looking to do some good trails while I'm here. Oh, and one of my housemates is into running! Yay! I also was afraid that my diet would go down the drain but am feeling more reassured after grocery shopping with my mom yesterday. Check out what I ate for supper!

Well, gotta head off for another day of shadowing!

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