Friday, August 26, 2011

Running in circles!

It's been a busy yet productive "last day" of summer vacation. Yes, I doesn't start until Monday but things will be hectic tomorrow & Sunday as my class welcomes the Med I's!!

For the majority of the day I felt like I was running around in circles!

Breakfast --> Doctor's appointment --> blogging --> meeting with a previous preceptor to talk research --> making a team sign for my orientation week group --> grabbing groceries for a progressive dinner I'm cohosting this Sunday --> meeting my med buddy for the first time and chatting over coffee --> quick veggie burger dinner (still not a fan of 'em!) --> Vocal Chords practice --> incline workout & strength training --> post-workout protein shake --> cleaning the apartment --> blogging "to do" list was the only thing that kept me on track and on schedule!

Groceries for 11 people!

Practice with the Vocal Chords, the med school female singing group

Me & my roomies also did something involving heavy was practice for a special themed party tomorrow...all shall soon be revealed ;)

Tomorrow will be another busy day but I'm looking forward to it already! Stay tuned for the first day of o-week!

How do you stay organized during hectic days?

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