Saturday, August 27, 2011

O-week Day 1

Woohoo! Orientation week is finally here! Despite a poor sleep Friday night I woke up before my 7:30am alarm and had a good start to the day. When I say poor it's really by my own high standards. It usually takes me less than 5 minutes to fall asleep from when my head hits the pillow. For some reason I kept tossing & turning and wasn't able to relax until an hour later!!

The morning started with a modified HIIT workout.

3 min3-4 (warm up)1x
6 min 5-6 (90 sec)

7-8 (30 sec) 3x
1 min5-61x
2 min9-10 (10 sec)
5-6 (50 sec)2x
2 min9-10 (20 sec)
5-6 (40 sec)2x
1 min5-61x
2 min9-10 (10 sec)
5-6 (50 sec)2x
5 min7-8 (15 sec)
5-6 (45 sec)5x
3 min 3-4 (cool down)1x

I ended up shaving 15 minutes off my regular routine which suits me for a pressed schedule :)

Shortly after my roomie and I headed to the Farmers Market where I picked up some kale, cucumber and tomatoes...and quite possibly a bag of oatcakes as well ;). They are amazing!!

It was then off to school to help welcome the Class of 2015. I gotta group is pretty awesome. We're the Pubic Arches and we dominated in The Amazing Race yesterday.

Your friendly Pubic Arch O-week leaders

Like our sign? Yes, that is the Arc de Triomphe glued on. We thought it was a nice touch of class.

The Amazing Race was a photo scavenger hunt, with emphasis on quality vs quantity of pictures. We got pretty creative with some of them.

Group shot in the elevator


Sneaking into the theatre...and failing

Doing some group yoga

Bench pressing

Group shot in the air

In the evening Tish (chef extraordinaire) came over and we made some amazing pizza. Would you believe that I didn't have a rolling pin?!?! You learn a lot of what you don't have when you host friends for dinner! We were able to improvise though. A wine bottle makes an excellent substitute :). Pizza was topped with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, black olives, and italian salami over a homemade pizza sauce.

The night ended with a themed party "brought to you by the Letter D". I gave a hint yesterday of what my costume was. I ended up being a doll! Like the costume?

It's a little sad looking. Haha.

More to come of o-week adventures throughout the week!

Have you ever been to a themed party? What was your costume?


  1. What do you usually do with kale? I bought some for Ruby, but she doesn't like it. I was considering eating it myself...but it's so thick!


  2. I usually put an inch of water in a pot and rip the kale up into smaller pieces and add it once the water boils. I keep it in for about 5-7 minutes. There's also several different types. Dinosaur kale tends to be a lot thicker though.