Saturday, August 13, 2011

City girls on horseback

There's something about horseback riding that makes me feel in touch with nature again...even if it is an organized trail ride ;). Today me and my roomie used our 2 for 1 Teambuy ticket to go to Hatfield farm in Hammonds Plains. It was our way of reliving the good times we had in Jasper earlier this summer. We arrived at the farm a bit early so we made a few friends in the petting zoo while waiting for our horses, including:

Mr. Donkey, who was super shy

Baby cow, who was taking it easy in the sunshine

Baby yak! At least that's what this little guy reminds me of.

Mr. Pig...I don't even know what to say about him!

And the llama trio!

I tried to get up close and personal with them but they kept running away :P

The time came for us to meet our horses. I got Louis who was well-natured but apparently likes scratching his bum on unsuspecting trees :P. But he was on his best behaviour for me today!

My roomie got Gemini who was absolutely beautiful but had a mind of her own! She stopped many times to snack on grass along the way.

It was such a wonderful day for the trail ride too! I don't know what's happened to our summer but I think it's decided to take a vacation and leave us with cloud and showers. We were lucky to have a break this weekend and see the sunshine (woaaaah! what's that bright ball in the sky?!?!).

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

What enjoyable things are you up to for the weekend? Do you enjoy horseback riding?


  1. i almost bought that coupon as well! haha :)

  2. Fun!! That looks like a really good time. I do like horseback riding..I've actually been riding since I was 7 and own a horse. I sort of take advantage of being able to do so since it's been in my life so long, but I'm sure it was a really cool experience!

  3. I'm terrified of horses, so no, I'm not a fan. My brother took lessons when I was little and I always refused. There's an epic shot of me at my second birthday party screaming bloody murder to get me off the horse they stuck me on.

    The yak looking one is a Highland cow - I think they look so fun. I had a great time feeding one in Scotland when I was there.

  4. Oooh, thanks for identifying the mysterious animal Errign! The highland cow was so adorable. I'm jealous that you got to feed one :P.

    And that's so cool that you own a horse Mary! They are such beautiful animals.