Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello to a new workout!

Have you heard of Jamie Eason's 12 week LiveFit trainer? It's "a simple 3-phase program for transforming your body and your life in 12 short weeks". Now that I'm back at my apartment during the weekdays I can take full advantage of the building's gym (and I have additional support and motivation from my roommate!).

The program is broken down into 3 phases:
  • Phase 1 focuses on weight training & clean eating
  • In Phase 2 you add cardio and cut carbs to sculpt muscle and burn fat
  • Phase 3 includes HIIT training, carb cycling and super-setting

I finished Day 3 today, which worked my legs and calves. I did 3 sets of 12 for the following exercises:
  • leg press
  • leg extensions
  • wide stance barbell squat
  • seated leg curl
  • standing calf raises
  • seated calf raises
As far as meals, I haven't really changed anything. I try to eat clean when I can, but at the same time I'm not going to say no when a delicious dessert comes my way ;).

For lunch today I ate a warm kale salad, topped with carrots, green pepper, and mushrooms. All from the farmer's market :). On the side I had bread from ACE bakery. I think I bought the loaf at the beginning of July...good thing it keeps well in the fridge!! haha.

The ingredients were very friendly as well. Don't see anything I can't identify!
Stoneground whole grain wheat flour, water, sour starter (stone-ground whole grain wheat flour, water), honey, kamut, amaranth, soft wheat kernel, flax seeds, millet, sunflower seeds, salt, yeast.

For dessert I had an apple and some plain Stonyfield yogurt. This is my first experience with Stonyfield and I gotta say I love it. The yogurt is very smooth & creamy and doesn't have a sour taste to it. It actually felt like a dessert...I even went back for 2nds ;)

Do you keep your bread (or other items) in the freezer? I keep everything there because I buy in bulk for sale items!


  1. I buy Ezekiel bread, which has to be frozen. I <3 it. But I'm thinking about buying wheat berries and making my own flour, then making my own bread. Because the oatmeal bread I made several months ago...or attempted to make...was a Dismal Failure. As was the attempted oatmeal blueberry loaf of yesterday evening. Gummy. Slimy. Heavy. Not words you really want to describe a bread product. To add insult to injury, it fell apart as I tried to eat it. Clearly, revisions are necessary.