Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monkeying around!

When I got back to my apartment yesterday I was welcomed by my roomie, Helen, who's been traveling Europe for the past 22 days! She brought me back some gifts from afar...

A beautiful scarf from London,

a comfy t-shirt from Rome,

and dark chocolate from Amsterdam...I'm eating them while typing ;)

It was a roommate reunion so when Marion got off work we celebrated by heading over to the Wooden Monkey, a restaurant that uses all local, organic ingredients.

I was indecisive again but Helen and I split our dishes so we had the best of both worlds.

I ordered a sweet apple salad, which was an assortment of organic greens, sliced apple, carrot, daikon, scallions, goat cheese and walnets, with a grain mustard maple dressing.

And Helen ordered the free-range Nova Scotia lamb burger, made with garlic, oats & rosemary, topped with minted goat cheese, and served with lettuce, tomato & mayo. It was served with roasties.

Although it isn't pictured, Marion ordered the lentil burger which also looked incredibly delicious!

All in all, we were not disappointed and will definitely go back again! The taste was fresh and all the flavours complimented each other. Often I find lamb burgers can be too salty but this one was perfect.

I love it when I can feel good about what I'm eating :)

Then this morning I headed to the gym to work on chest, shoulders & triceps. I also did an incline treadmill workout while watching the morning news. It works the large muscles of the leg and the glutes. Here's what it looked like:

0-5 3.0 1.0

It was a good workout! Especially when the incline was on 15!!! I will try embracing hills more often now :)

What is your favourite type of burger?

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