Friday, August 5, 2011

Gender confusion

Early this morning I said a fond farewell to Lynsee & Maxie who not only made my stay in Bridgewater a comfortable one, but one full of fun and adventure.

I said goodbye to my room...
(Maxie has been UBER clingy in the past 24 hrs. Yesterday she could sense I was leaving and snuggled with me late into the night)

I said goodbye to the house...
(Don't worry roomies, I smudged all the license plates and the house number. You can sleep in peace tonight!)

...and my sister and I jumped in the van for the 70 minute drive back to "the city".

Even though I'm sad to say goodbye, I know that I have gained great friends who are always welcome to stay with me in Halifax *nudge nudge* ;).

Soooo...something kind of funny happened on the way back. See, we had to make a quick stop to drop off some belongings to an acquaintance I met a few nights ago. As we were talking she asked, "Is that your brother in the van?" It was a *little* awkward for me to say, "ummm...actually, that's my sister!"

In her defense my sister does have short hair, was wearing sunglasses and a hoodie...and we were separated by a window. It still made both of us crack up when I told my sister about the conversation :P. It also got us talking and I found out that both of us have wondered what we would look like if we were dudes. Are we the only ones who think that? Is that weird? Maybe it's because we don't have a brother...

Hope you're having a fantastic Friday!

Have you ever mistaken someone for the wrong gender? Has anyone ever done that to you or a family member?

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