Sunday, August 21, 2011

Can't live without the ocean

This morning I woke up to a wonderful sight - a rejuvenated wedding bouquet which had soaked up almost half of the water in the vase from last night!!!

There's nothing like fresh flowers to enliven the atmosphere of a room :)

After church in the morning, my sister treated me to some blueberry pancakes. I spread some crunchy peanut butter on top and it made a very satisfying meal. Unfortunately my stomach spoke to me louder than my camera did so there are no pictures...but just envision pure deliciousness ;).

Later on, I caught up with Amarea, an old friend. Not old, as in age, but old as in I've known her since I was 8!! I actually remember the day we met - it was the first day of Grade 5 and I was playing with my good friend Morgan. It was a small school and Amarea was the new kid on the block, swinging alone during recess. Our grade 5 teacher asked Morgan and I to befriend her and the rest is history! It's amazing what a little encouragement can do!

Ok, back on track! It was another beautiful day so we headed down to the waterfront where we enjoyed sidewalk music, browsed through a pewter shop, and took in the breathtaking view of the Halifax Harbour. It's so easy to take this for granted when you see it everyday!!

Oh, and we enjoyed some handpaddled ice cream from Sugah! Yes, I was just there on Thursday. And no, I don't regret the grapenut ice cream mixed with chocolate chip cookie bits served in a waffle cone.

Have you ever had a conversation that was a long time coming and you didn't even know it? To put it simply, there have been a lot of things I've been trying to sort through in my mind, ranging from health & food to friends & spiritual issues, and I needed to tell someone! Anyways, it just so happened that our conversation fell naturally in this direction and it was literally a relief for me to be able to confide in someone so supportive. I guess that's what friends are help make you stronger :).

Are you still close friends with anyone from elementary school? Do you find it easier to confide in friends or family?

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