Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Weekend Away (Part IIa)

What do you when there is a rainfall warning in effect and you are out in the countryside? Do a bit of exploration, of course! Today we went to the LaHave bakery where we enjoyed lunch and drooled over the amazing selection of breads and baked goods. Last time I visited was during my preceptorship in Bridgewater and I've been dreaming of my return ever since!
Too many choices! I just wanted them all!
In the end I decided on their panini of the day, served with carrots on the side. The panini was bursting with flavour!
Red pepper, portabello mushrooms, red onion, mozza cheese, and spinach
I also couldn't say no to their dessert and chose their famous carrot cake.
Afterwards we headed down to Mahone Bay where there was an impressive scarecrow festival taking place.
*I'm on a boat*
We made many friends while perusing the local shops.
And I even found myself a hottie. Meet my new boyfriend. He works at the LaHave bakery. He's a bit quiet but provides lovely companionship.
He's promised me a gourmet breakfast in bed every morning.
Later we stopped into Plovers where we were distracted to no end by finger puppets.
The jellyfish (right hand, ring finger) cracks me up!
So fun! My fingers are little animals!!!
And we wrapped off our adventure by going to the Tea Brewery. I found my dream tea set and bought 2 types of looseleaf tea for home.
Someday you will be mine...someday!
The evening included another scrumptious meal and a lesson in mahjong. Details to follow in Part IIb.

Happy Saturday!

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