Friday, October 28, 2011

Bridge run!

Long runs scare me. And when I say "long runs" I mean when the number of kilometers reaches the double digits. Not miles, my friends...kilometers. But one of the perks about med school is the class is filled with health-conscious people so there's no problem finding running buddies (aka motivation). In fact, there is a group of us that goes out every Friday after lab. We are small but mighty! Dying on the inside but strong on the outside! Ok, maybe that last statement only applies to me :P.

When I found out that we were doing 10km today I almost died. I've run that distance (and more) in the past but I've been slacking over the past few months. Actually, I've been slacking since the end of May when I did 14km at the Cabot Trail Relay. My feet haven't quite forgiven me yet. But with some words of encouragement and a cold breeze at our backs we headed off to run from school, across the bridge to Dartmouth, and back to Halifax all in the span of an hour.

It was chilly when we were on the bridge and I admit my legs were not cooperative on the way back, but the view was breathtaking. It's one of the many things I love about Halifax.

When I got back I mapped the distance it it came EXACTLY to 10.02km! The elevation map (below) shows it only as 9.9km but the starting destination was slightly inaccurate.

Thanks Mike & Cec for a wonderful run! I'm proud to have you as classmates and running buddies! Shall we do 15km next week? Haha...I kid...I kid!!

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