Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dinner Chez Chef Bublé

That's right, me and my roomies had dinner with Michael Bublé last night. We received a personal invitation a few weeks ago and have literally been counting down the days to this epic meal. Ok, fine, if you read this post from August you would realize that we have a friend who we think resembles Michael Bublé. It's gotten to the point where we sometimes forget what his real name is because we always call him Bublé. And since me and my roomies have the habit of shortening words, the nickname Bublé has progressed to Boobz which has progressed to... 

He's handling the evolution of his nickname quite well ;)
To start we had cheese and crackers alongside a french baguette with oil & balsamic vinegar.

It's quite possible that I ate half of the double cream brie cheese wheel. I won't deny it. This is why I can never buy brie for myself! Haha.

The main course was grilled Teriyaki Boston Top Round served with grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes. All I can say is that Bublé knows how to cook his was one of the best home-cooked steaks I've ever had. And I rarely eat potatoes but let me assure you that there was not one piece left on my plate!

I polished the plate except for half of my steak which I'll be enjoying today. I think Dr. Ransom (endocrinologist who gave us nutrition lectures in Med I) would be proud. He can ignore my multiple servings of brie cheese. Hey, what fun is life if you can't indulge once in a while?

Dessert was the pièce de résistance: blueberry grunt served with vanilla ice cream. We learned that it's a traditional Nova Scotian recipe...who would have thought? It makes me proud to be a Maritimer :).
Baked to perfection...
Served with love...
And consumed with utmost satisfaction!
 Thank you Bublé for having the Asian Aunties over. We had a fantastic evening and are looking forward to when we can treat you & Leslie to dinner in the near future!

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