Monday, October 3, 2011

Procrastibaking, apple crisp style!

I'm off on another procrastibaking kick again! After today's tutorial I took advantage of the beautiful day and went for a walk with a classmate in the Public Gardens. It was a good chance to chat while soaking in the warm sun.

From there I was actually somewhat productive and reviewed a lecture, but in no time at all the apples that my roomie and I picked yesterday were calling my name (ignore the cucumbers!).

Bake with us!! We're full of yumminess!
I chose 2 apples from the bunch but ended up only needing one MAMMOTH apple to split among the 3 personal-sized desserts. I recycled my pear crisp recipe from last month and it worked exceedingly well!

Still so many apples left...looks like they'll be on the menu for the next few days ;). Probably a good thing. I'm definitely in need of baking therapy...


  1. That garden is so beautiful! I wish it was that green in Texas!

  2. The municipality always keeps it up nicely when it's open. I should really go more often before it closes for the winter...I definitely take it for granted! Wish I could send a patch of green to Texas :D.