Saturday, October 15, 2011

Applesauce, wet shoes & fire alarms

Today has been such a random day! After lab today I used all but 4 apples to make 2 large pots of applesauce - one smooth and one chunky.

I think it will be a looooong while before I make this again. Too much peeling :D.

Afterwards I went shopping for a group Halloween costume with some classmates. We made a stop to Staples and guess what we found?

Hand Sanitizer for 20 CENTS EACH!!!

We stalked up just a bit. 19 bottles later. haha.

I spent the evening at a coffee shop reviewing neuroanatomy notes and then dreaded the walk home in the pouring rain.

It would have been alright if I was wearing my rainboots but I was foolish enough to sport the TOMS. Please note: they are usually light green in colour.

See those light brown patches? Yep...those were the only bits of dryness remaining!

When I got back to my apartment building there was a crowd outside because apparently the fire alarm went off! We waited for about 15 minutes (thankfully under some shelter) until the building was cleared by the firefighters. Thankfully there was no fire or damage done!

It's the weekend...Yay! Hope yours is off to a good start :)


  1. Hahaha so random! Hand san for .20?! That's a steal, it's like they paid you to take it off their hands. :)

  2. I know!! It was literally 90% off. We checked the expiry date too and it's good until 2014. Almost feel like we should have taken more. haha.