Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sneaking tugboats the wind is COLD but the sun is HOT! This morning my friend Morgan and I went to (surprise, surprise) the market! Please, someone have the heart to tell me when you get sick of hearing about the Halifax farmer's market, otherwise these Saturday posts will continue indefinitely ;).

It was Morgan's first time experiencing the new market and although it has lost some of the charm that it had at its old location, she was consoled by a delicious egg, tomato, mozzarella & basil crepe. It was a new kid working (we'd like to believe it was his first crepe ever) and we couldn't help but stare at him and chuckle as he was making it (because he was so cute and awkward). He loaded on the mozza and basil, but there were no complaints whatsoever ;).

I got an oatcake...of course!!

After breakfast we continued to walk around the market and then headed outside.

Isn't this cute? I love that they're persons!

Wait a sec...someone's sneaking into our picture!!!

It's Theodore Too!
We had such a good time catching up and talking about what's happening in our lives right now. Morgan is actually my oldest closest friend. We've known each other for 16 years!!! That makes me feel a little old. Haha.

In the afternoon I went on a super shopping adventure with my family. I had a bunch of coupons I had to use up. By the end of it I think I was all shopped out! We did spot something exciting though! It's an EH101 Cormorant. How do I know? I have connections (*cough* my dad's an aeronautical engineer *cough*).

Late lunch consisted of a lot of munchies and this beauty: a dumpling made by our good friend Peter. He owns 9 + Nine...the best chinese restaurant in Halifax! It was to die for!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! I think the Wii is calling me to play Michael Jackson The Experience!

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