Thursday, September 8, 2011

100 butterflies!

It's hard to believe that this is my 100th blog post! When I first started this blog I admit I didn't have much intention behind it, but in the past 3 months my focus has completely shifted and my blog now has meaning and purpose. I absolutely love having a place to share about random happenings in my life and to hear from friends and blog readers as well :). You are such an encouragement!

Well, today I was given the Butterfly Award from Mary @ Bites and Bliss. Mary's one cool chick.  Her healthy living blog is all about "finding our bliss, one bite at a time". And if that's not enough, she owns a horse. Enough said ;).
Butterfly Award

As a quick aside, when I hear the word butterfly, I think of 2 things:
  • my sister "catching" butterflies as a child, but not cupping her hands... = smushed butterflies
  • my mom telling me how she coloured a beautiful cut-out butterfly for a preschool play and how one of the kids in her class stole it for the performance. She was stuck with a crummy one. 
Ok, I'll quit it with the  sad memories! Let's move onto the survey!

1. Name your favourite colour: This is a little strange but I don't actually have one right now! I usually go through phases which has ranged from red --> orange --> pink --> green --> black. I'm really enjoying floral patterns and stripes at the moment though!

2. Name your favorite song: A Message - Coldplay. I love the lyrics and the acoustic sound. It's a love song but I see it extending to different friendships and relationships in my life. My favourite line is:
And I'm not gonna stand and wait.Not gonna leave it until it's much too late.On a platform I'm gonna stand and sayThat I'm nothing on my own.And I love you, please come home.
3. Name your favorite dessert: How can I choose just one? If I had to narrow it down to 3, they would be:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (literally...I think my body is immune to raw egg),

4. What wizzes you off:  I don't get annoyed all too much but if I had to choose one thing it would be being around complainers. I understand that sometimes you just have to vent (I totally do helps keep me sane) but it makes me sad when people always focus on the negative in life.
5. When you’re upset you: Usually I withdraw to my room and listen to music that makes me cry! I think it helps me release some emotional energy!
6. Your favorite pet: Are you ready for a story?  I'll try keeping it short ;). Growing up I was never allowed to have pets. Then when I turned 16 my friend Amarea asked my parents permission to buy me a beta fish. His name was Teddy...he looked similar to the fish pictured below except a little darker.

I loved Teddy dearly but he got sick one day with a swim bladder disorder! This meant he couldn't control his depth in the water and always bobbed at the surface (usually leaning to one side). I did the best I could to take care of him: gave him medication, cleaned his tank every few days, fed him blood worms, etc. Then one day my sister suggested I get a heater for the tank because these fish tend to do better in warmer water. Well, I got the heater and cranked up the temperature but saw no I cranked it up more...and more. Then I fell asleep. The next morning there was a nice layer of condensation on the lid of the fish tank and Teddy wasn't moving. Then I poked him...and he was stiff. Yes, I boiled my own fish to death! After a good cry, me and my family said goodbye and Teddy traveled down the porcelain express, hopefully to a better place. I haven't had a pet since!

7. Black or white: Black...I get stains in white too easily! haha.
8. Your biggest fear: Losing sight of my initial motivations to be a doctor and seeing medicine solely as a job.
9. Best feature:  The dimple on my right cheek. I got it from my great grandma :).

10. Everyday attitude: Life is too short to get upset about the little things...if you focus on these then you'll miss the blessings all around you!
11. What is perfection:  For me, perfection is being with the people I love and knowing that I can be 100% myself...and singing (good or bad) always makes everything better ;)
12. Guilty pleasure: This is almost embarrasing to say but my guilty pleasure is American Idol! When I was still living at home I watched it faithfully week after week. 

So now for the fun part! I get to tag others for the Butterfly Award. 


  1. Ooooh fun. I'll have to do this :) I have to admit, I smileda bit at your fish story, but I'm sorry that happened.

  2. worries! Me and my sisters always have a good laugh when thinking about the whole scenario :D.

  3. Fun! Thanks for tagging me! I can't wait to repost this tomorrow. :) Your poor fishy! (I did giggle, but felt bad..) haha