Saturday, September 3, 2011

O-week Day 6 recap

I can't believe how slow/fast (slast?) this week has gone! Fast because it feels like it was just yesterday that we welcomed the Med I students, and slow because of all the nonstop activities that were somehow crammed into this week (how did they fit? it felt more like 2 weeks worth of events!). Although I had a break on Thursday, I'm welcoming the long weekend with open arms!

Day 6 of O-week was a bit brutal, starting with an 8:30am class. It wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that my body has been getting used to sleeping in late, leisurely heading to the gym, and puttering around until my usual 1pm class. I even got to bed at a decent hour but couldn't fall asleep!!! I kept tossing and turning until 2am...and then woke at my 6:15am alarm for a shoulders and abs workout. I also had high intentions of doing a HIIT workout but that was quickly thrown out the window ;).

So, all that to say that class ended up being really good! I paid attention for 90% of it and everytime my mind wandered I thought focus Rebekah...focus *mental slap*. We learned about cholesterol metabolism and cardiovascular disease/treatment. These lectures are definitely making me more acutely aware of the nutritional content of my food!

Ok, enough about school! In the afternoon my med buddy came over to enjoy a piece of ice cream sandwich cake saved especially for her from the progressive dinner on Sunday. We talked about everything from her first week of school to IKEA and the Swedish royal family. I also got to check out her stylish Med I bookbag. I still like my class's gray colour but I can't deny that the dark blue is sharp!

The evening marked an annual o-week tradition: the walking tour of Halifax, hosted by the Med IIIs. In store for us were challenges at 4 stations that tested the creativity and stamina of the Med Is. The Pubic Arches totally delivered and made me and the other group leaders proud.

With this week coming to an end, I'm feeling a mixture of sadness and excitement. Being a very structured person I'm definitely looking forward to having a set routine for the school year. At the same time o-week was a ton of fun and marked with a lot of great memories. A reunion dinner is already in the works for the Pubic Arches.

Best team ever...enough said :)

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