Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sushi babies

My roomies and I have been having intense sushi cravings lately. We finally cracked and planned a date to take advantage of Sushi Nami's 'tsu nami' hour ... aka 20% off selected sushi dishes! The only catch? We had to wait until 9:30pm for tsu nami hour to arrive.

I satisfied my grumbling tummy with a combination of carrot sticks (1 out of 6 bags is already devoured!) and an apple with crunchy peanut butter. It's my new favourite snack!

By the time our food arrived we were not disappointed. We had:
House salad with ginger dressing
Tuna Tataki (lightly breaded & slightly deep fried tuna with Japanese spicy salsa)
Dynamite Maki (shrimp tempura, cucumber, lettuce & avocado) and Spicy Salmon Roll (salmon, green onion, tempura bits & spicy sauce)
My sushi cravings have officially been satisfied! When all was done I definitely had a food baby...maybe even food triplets. But I love them all dearly :).

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