Monday, September 5, 2011

Victorious Labour Day

I have some exciting news. No, it's not the fact that I got to sleep in until 10am. Or that I actually got some homework done today. And it's not the Rice Krispies I made with my sister...although they were delicious. I think the pictures speak for themselves...

Melt 3 Tbsp butter!

Add 5 cups marshmallows & 1/2 tsp vanilla extract,

Then add 6 cups of Rice Krispies.

Scoop into a 9x13" pan,

And smoosh it down!

Yummm...well that was a good diversion. But the real news I wanted to share is that today, my sister and I defeated WOLF!! Oh yes, you may remember my distress about the whole situation yesterday. Well, with much courage in our hearts, we proceeded through the final door which contained our nemesis. My sis used her super skills as Sheik and kicked the pants off of Wolf. She made me proud!

Now, we're officially 100% done and have unlocked more special features!

We are just a LITTLE say the least :)

I think this can officially be classified as a hard day's work. Haha...fiiiine, but it was still a fun way to spend a day off!


  1. I just realized something. How come you never tried defeating him? You only did Toon Link, but GigglyPuff and Wolf you didn't touch.

  2. Remember that one time I tried defeating Wolf? I think I was dead in 10 seconds flat :P