Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I love reunions, especially ones that are centered around good food! Today a good friend of mine from elementary/jr/sr high school was in town and a group of us went to one of my favourite restaurants: The Wooden Monkey.

I wanted to step out of my shell and live on the 'wild side' so I tried the Seitan donair. The whaaaaaa? Seitan! It's made when the wheat flour dough is washed until the starch dissolves. What you're left with is an 'elastic' gluten that's cooked and can serve as a meat substitute!

So what was in my donair? It was marinated seitan from Big Life Whole Foods, served with carmelized onions, tomatoes & a sweet coconut sauce and regular mozzarella cheese.

Overall, it was pretty good but their lamb burger is still #1 on my list. The seitan reminded me more of cooked mushrooms. However, if I were vegan this dish would suffice as a donair substitute (nothing can beat the real thing though!). On the side I was reunited with the sweet apple salad I had last time :).

We decided to go for dessert and I went splits with my friend. We shared the strawberry shortcake and a peach crisp.

I have to admit that it wasn't my favourite. Maybe it was because I was in the mood for a big dessert with lots of flavour and it just fell short. I hate being critical but I probably won't try them again! In fact, afterwards some of us went to Tim Hortons Cold Stone Creamery and had hand-paddled ice cream to satisfy our sweet tooths (sweet teeth??) !!

I had french vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough, brownies and slivered almonds. Yummmm!

It was such a fun night to hang out with old friends and to catch up with each other. It's amazing how months can pass but when we get together we can pretty much pick up where we left off.

I'm so lucky to have these guys in my life!

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