Monday, September 19, 2011

One, two...five strikes you're out!

Today I had the fullest intentions of baking something delicious...I really did. However, nature (and better judgement) was against me and put obstacles in my way from the get-go.

It all started when I thought to myself, "Hmmm...we have a tub of sour cream in the fridge. Sure it's past the expiry date but last I checked it was usable". Thus began the search for a sour cream cookie recipe. And why not? I've added sour cream to muffins, cakes, and banana bread in the past. How could I go wrong with cookies?

With no time at all I found a promising recipe online with good reviews. I had all the ingredients except for vanilla extract.

Strike One.

But that wasn't a problem because I could just run out to the store and grab some. Unfortunately my sister had taken the only vehicle I am able/allowed to drive (standard = constant stalling).

Strike Two.

But that was okay too because my mom was gracious enough to offer to run me over to the store, despite the fact that it was Sunday. Note: my family and I consider Sunday as our day of rest and never shop unless absolutely necessary.

Strike Three.

Thankfully the heavens didn't open and strike the car with lightning. We picked up a few groceries and made it back home alive in one piece. I started gathering all the ingredients together: flour, sugar, eggs, moldy sour cream...wait a sec...MOLDY SOUR CREAM?!?!?!

Strike Four.

MAJOR Strike Four.

I should have turned back at this point but stubbornness had a falcon death grip on me. I quickly discovered that cream & lemon juice can act as a sour cream substitute...who knew?

After this major hiccup everything else came together "fairly smoothly"'s all about perspective, right? ;). It was finally time to put these four-strike cookies to the test.

I took a bite...

     ... and couldn't believe what I had created...

          ... so I spread on some cream cheese frosting...

               ... because if anything can save a recipe it's cream cheese...


                         ... but the cream cheese disappointed.

Strike Five.

Eaaaaaaat me! Muahaha!
In all honesty, these cookies failed for me because of the taste and texture. Their flavour isn't too distinct, despite the fact that they contain both vanilla and nutmeg...but in that case the cream cheese would be able to save them. No, the true problem is the texture, because I honestly feel that these are actually tea biscuits hiding behind the fascade of cookies.

Call me a cookie snob, but today I discovered that soft cookies aren't my thing. It's too bad I didn't realize that before making a double batch for my tutorial and a society fair.

Sure there are people out there who enjoy soft cookies, but how can I serve something that I don't like myself? That's a moral dilemma!

So what will happen to these cookies? I honestly don't know. Maybe I'll dry them out in the oven and use them as a pie crust base. Maybe I'll suck up my pride and bring them to school. Or maybe I'll feed them to the fat pigeons on campus and see if their love for food is unconditional.

So many little time...


  1. I feel your moral dilemma could be turned into a useful experiment: simply take the cookies to the aforementioned school functions, find someone who brought crispy cookies, and set up an impromptu taste test to determine whether your classmates prefer soft or crispy cookies. You could make charts and everything. Bam- problem solved.

  2. Hahaha, that's crazy! I've never heard so many unlucky things happening before in one cooking session! I think those birdies might be in for a feast tomorrow! :)