Friday, January 13, 2012

The Granny Club

This week is full of birthdays and this post is dedicated especially to one of my roomies - Helen, who is turning 24. Welcome to the Granny Club my friend ;). After opening presents that included Dirty Dancing, Hunger Games, and The Biebz (our household has a slight obsession) we all headed to Sushi Nami for dinner, joined by our friend Adam.

This picture pretty much sums up the friendship.

After Helen took the pic below she commented that Marion and I look like a two cats she saw on Pinterest (which btw is my new obsession!).

See the resemblance?

Or did she mean these cats? :P

For the meal I went splits with Adam to take full advantage of variety, starting with spicy miso soup.

Afterwards the dishes came flooding in. Thank goodness I was sharing with this guy, or I would have been put over the edge!

We enjoyed the Negi-toro Maki (chopped tuna belly and minced green onion), Firecrackers Dream (avocado with spicy mayo, tempura bits and bread crumbs)...

...Dynamite Maki (shrimp tempura, cucumber, lettuce & avocado)...

...the Fuji Mountain Roll (crab meat, salmon, avocado, cuke, masago, tempura bits, spicy sauce)...

and the Black Dragon Roll (Shrimp tempura, avocado, cuke, and crab topped with avocado & eel).

How could I choose a favourite?? Impossible! But definitely between the Black Dragon Roll and Fuji Mountain Roll. Oh Sushi never disappoint!

Happy birthday Helen!! So lucky to have you as a roomie. You brighten up my life! Let the celebrations continue this weekend :).

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