Friday, January 20, 2012

The Impossible Present

When it comes to buying Christmas presents for my dad it's been a lot of trial and error throughout the years. The combination of him being chinese PLUS an engineer just sets me up for failure.

For example...

Me: Look dad, I got you these clothes for Christmas!
Dad: How much did they cost?
Me: Ummm...*specifies amount*
Dad: Too much!! I could get double the amount of clothes with that money.


Me: Dad, what would you like for Christmas?
Dad: Oh you know...a 1000 piece screwdriver set.
Me: *sighs in despair*

Finally one year I smartened up and realized that dad: (a) likes food, and (b) likes a lot of it!! Since then I've typically treated him out to a restaurant of his choice. This time we went to Koo-e-nami for the all-you-can-eat buffet. Note: if you can't stand the appearance of raw meat then you should probably stop reading :P.

I had been to Koo-e-nami earlier in the week to try it out and was impressed by the texture and flavour of the meat. You can actually order a sample platter that lets you try everything and from there you can specify what you want more of.

Meat and seafood plates...yummm!!

There's actually a grill built right into the table so you can grill the meat to your preference.

My favourites were the spicy chicken and beef but the octopus (octopi??) were the most fun to play with ;).


My dad was pleasantly full at the end and we really enjoyed spending the time together. It isn't too often that we get to have a father-daughter date. After last night I've decided that it needs to happen more often!

Thanks for being such a wonderful dad :).

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