Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Deal breaker cookies

Last Wednesday my CBL tutor brought in some amazing homemade baklava for the tutorial group. In past experiences I've rarely enjoyed the dessert, but this time it was love at first bite. He even offered us the recipe but there was a catch...

That Joey (pictured below) sing a song for us.

For those of you who don't know Joey, you're probably thinking, "He looks friendly enough. In fact, it's not a far stretch to believe he was about to burst into song when you took this picture."

Well unfortunately I don't have quite as much faith in him, so after one bite I half-begged him to sing for the recipe. *sigh*...what a girl will do for good food!

When the case wrapped up Joey agreed to sing under 2 conditions:

1.) That he get mentioned in my blog (check!)
2.) That someone bake the baklava within the next 7 days (to which I happily agreed).

Are you curious what the song of choice was? Click here to find out (p.s. I had to search high and low for the official music video as it's no longer on youtube!). I would have recorded the whole thing but Joey thought otherwise...

"Put the camera away ZEE!"

So what is this amazing baklava recipe? I actually don't have it!! We showed up to tutorial on Monday and to our utmost dismay our tutor (after talking with his wife) said that the singing wasn't enough. The bar was raised to dancing.

Now, as much as I enjoyed the baklava I wouldn't wish solo dancing in public (let alone in daylight) on anyone. As I see it, Joey held his end of the deal and so I'm holding my end as much as I can. He'll just have to forgive me for bringing in oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (from here on known as deal breaker cookies) as a baklava substitute.

I can be so difficult sometimes :P.


  1. Hhahaha that's hilarious. Maybe one day you'll get the secret recipe.

  2. Baklava can be hit or miss. The very very very best I've ever had is from the SJ market (one reason to be jealous of the DMNB students? but if you're here at any time, I recommend!)