Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marathon training

Waaaaay back at the beginning of the month I announced that I had decided to run a marathon. Since then I've been pretty quiet on the topic of running, but do not despair...I have been getting my miles in :). To be honest, I haven't followed a specific program for the past month because the marathon isn't until the end of the summer (pleeeeenty of time!). But as I was looking in my calendar I came across this:

Oh right...the 12 week pre-marathon running program...

So yes, I do actually have a plan ;). I chose this pre-marathon program because I do well with structure...and because if it were up to me I probably would put off running anything over 10k for eternity! The distances covered in the 12 weeks don't actually exceed the 10k mark but what it will do is increase my running frequency throughout the week. Some of the runs are actually pretty short so I'll probably aim to set my minimum at 5k.

From there I'll be moving to this 18 week program.  There are hundreds of marathon training programs out there and if you're wondering why I chose this one my answer is pretty simple:

It looks do-able.

I know...I deep! Sorry if you were looking for a more scientifically-based answer.

For the next 12 weeks I won't be posting on every single run I do but I will highlight the ones that are particularly fun or challenging. And (of course) when I can I'll try bringing my camera with me to capture the journey and moments like this:

A sunrise in Halifax...gosh I love living here!

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