Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas vacay highlights

I know I've been a bit of a stranger...

Ok, ok, I've been a LOT of a stranger with 2 weeks of no blogging :P. I guess that's what happens when you travel to the other side of the world and have very limited internet access!

This could be a wordy post in theory but instead I've decided to summarize Chrismtas break through pictures and captions. Hope you enjoy :)

Sarah's birthday, celebrating with a decadent cake from Lindor chocolates

The perfect latte (comparable to Smiling Goat) enjoyed by me and my mom on the way to Manly Beach.

View from Sydney Tower's revolving restaurant - one of the best buffets I've been to in my life!
Putting my Photosynth app to the test...love it!

Mr. Koala at the Sydney Wildlife Park

The view of Sydney from Taronga Zoo's bird show
And close up 
What is Sydney without the Opera House? Did you know the tiles are actually beige? Or else it would be blinding in the sun!

Our ticket to the hotel's Christmas Day Brekkie!

Also Christmas day...spent on the beach watching the locals kite surf as the sun set.

No one makes bubble tea like at Chinatown! And my sisters have finally converted to taro flavour ;).

Yes my friends, that is entirely made out of lego (background included).  Over 300,000 blocks!!

Dressed up on our last night to see the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House!

It was a packed show!!

Fast forward to the "next day" in Quebec City (And by that I mean a day that was over 40 hours long since we crossed the International Date Line)

Miriam's birthday at our uncle's place...she's a little scared of the sparks 
It was also my aunt's 50th! This log cake was delicious and appropriately was made to serve 20 people ;)

The next morning. Ahhhh, winter at last!

Poutine! My 2nd last meal of 2012. Hey, at least it wasn't the LAST meal :P
Unfortunately all the family shots are on my sister's camera but I managed to grab this one of me and my cousin :).

And the flight home to Hali. I could stare at clouds all day...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great time bringing in 2012! Looking forward to what this year has in store :).

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  1. Awesome pics. You made one booboo though. You said "second last meal of 2012" Didn't you mean 2011. lol Love the pic of the koala. They are so adorable, oh and the pic of the legos. That was awesome. We all (except Courtney) love playing with Legos. Glad you had a great time. Barb