Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why so angry?

Growing up, I never had a natural knack for the arts. Sure, I could color inside the lines (I even won 2 colouring contests) but if you ever asked me to create something off the top of my head it would be a sad, sad situation! All I'm gonna say is thank goodness for the Internet because it allows me to try out fun projects that others have graciously decided to share with the world...such as these Angry Birds cupcakes :).

I discovered these cuties a couple weeks ago while procrastinating from school work (story of my life). How could I not want to try these?? Since I do all of my ambitious baking at my parents' place it's been more of an issue of timing. The opportunity finally presented itself this weekend and I actually suckered both of my sisters actually helped with the Angry Birds project :P.

After a bit of searching I decided on a recipe for the chocolate cupcakes and the icing. Word of warning: if I were to make these again I would choose a different icing recipe. While this one tasted good it was too oily (from the butter) and I ended up having to add flour to smooth it out. Actually, that was my sister's idea...she literally saved my butt on this one!

I added dye to the icing...

And smothered the cupcakes with love ;).

Next came the sprinkles (for all the cupcakes except the piggies).

And then we put the details on the birds and pigs using black licorice strings, mini marshmallows, large marshmallows, and orange gummy slices.

All of the decorating ingredients were purchased at Bulk Barn and came to a whopping total of $10 (P.S. I still have TONS left!!).

What do you think?

My personal favourites are the yellow birds. Their sprinkles look a lot like feathers!

A big THANKS to my sisters for helping me with these!! Miriam hunted down the ingredients with me on Saturday and spotted the sprinkles at Bulk Barn as I was about to crumble in despair. Sarah saved the icing and helped assemble the cupcakes. I couldn't have done it without them.

Note the red bird with the googly eyes (bottom row, second from the left). He was our first attempt and the results gave us a good laugh! For the other cupcakes we chopped the marshmallows in half. 

So...why are the angry birds so angry? Possibly because they know they'll be eaten during tutorial tomorrow :P. Happy Sunday!!


  1. I've been procrastibaking too! Homemade Girl Guide cookies!

  2. Oooh, thanks for the recipe Magda! I'll have to try those because they look amazing :).