Monday, January 16, 2012

Eat Butter

When Two If By Sea announced that they had a new location in Halifax I pretty much jumped for joy. It's one of my favourite cafes in HRM but I rarely have the time to make the trip to Dartmouth. So when my friend Sarah and I were choosing a location for our next coffee date it was pretty obvious of where we should go!

Located in the heart of Historic Properties, TIBS has a quaint set-up and shares a spacious dining area with other local restaurants.

This morning I ordered the Coffee of the Day as well as the almond croissant. I admit I was a little nervous that the quality wouldn't be up to par with my previous experiences but I was proven wrong! The croissant was rich with flavour and didn't skimp out on the almonds. And the texture was the perfect combination of buttery and flaky.

Yes, you read the bag right.

I do give a word of warning that these croissants are a generous size and very filling. It actually counted for my breakfast AND lunch...and powered me through a 5.8km run this afternoon! Quite impressive ;)

TIBS, thank you for coming to Halifax!

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