Friday, January 6, 2012

Quarterdeck (aka mini-vacay!)

Greetings from afar! And by afar I mean 2 hours from my apartment ;).  I'm spending this weekend on the South Shore at a place called Quarterdeck with some high school friends. I guess you could call it a reunion! We haven't spent so much time together probably since undergrad.

This is actually my second time to Quarterdeck. We also went here on our end-of-the-year grade 12 class trip. And it's exactly how I remember it! Peaceful, calming, quaint :).

A cozy living room. I love the beach-themed table!

One of the bedrooms. Wait! What is that on the bed?

Tea for two! A calming chamomile.

Warming up by the wood stove.

As we were settling in the lady at the head office dropped by and gave us a gift! A Jost white which we are currently enjoying. It adds a delicate touch to the evening.

Hope you're having a good start to the weekend. More pictures to come tomorrow :).

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