Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Ummm...I pretty much have the best roomies in the world! My evening was mainly spent chained to a desk at the library, but somewhere between learning about ionotropic and metabotropic receptors I received mysterious texts from them saying "there's a surprise for you at the apartment!"

And what a surprise there was! I was treated with pre-birthday chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing. Soooo flavourful...sooo smooth. They were incredibly delicious and I'm proud that my roomie made them alllll by herself :).

Next it was time for gift opening. To my absolute delight I received Goji Pop tea from David's Tea. I swoon whenever Helen makes it. It's a mix of goji berries, rosehip, lemon oil, apple, melon, marigold, and hibiscus. Just the aroma of it makes my day brighter!

How did they know I was thinking of chick flicks just the other day?!?! I love this movie!

And last but not least, the JB Christmas album! You know your roomies love you unconditionally when they support your obsession with the Biebz.

Umm...I'm currently listening to this CD...for the 3rd time tonight...

There was also another gift, but it's unmentionable. No, seriously...we had a good laugh over it but I'd have to crawl under a rock if I posted it here :P.

Afterwards, hugs were given all around. This will totally sound like I'm sucking up to my roomies but I'm truly SO lucky to have them in my life. I can't imagine life without them.

Thanks so much Helen & Marion for making this day so special! Love you both!


  1. Biebah Fevah! I'm a fan of "Baby", but when I was in Singapore, I was surprised to hear a TON of people with it as their ringtones hah.

  2. Haha...Bieber is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. He's an international sensation!