Sunday, November 6, 2011

Med Ball 2011: A Red Carpet Affair

Note: photos courtesy of Helen Chuang 

It's amazing how so much planning can go into one event to make it run smoothly; at the same time it's vert exciting when everything come together. Last night was MedBall 2011: A Red Carpet Affair...a chance for the med students to get dressed up and embrace their glamourous side.

MAC cosmetics happened to be having a deal where customers could have complimentary makeup done with every $55 purchase, so my roomie and I definitely took advantage of that deal and booked our appointments. The MAC artists are actually geniuses! They are so knowledgeable about their products and I felt like my face was a palette for their artwork. This was also my first time purchasing from MAC but it probably won't be my last (I foresee a very expensive addiction in my future).

Mug shot before...I don't have my roomie's permission to post this photo, hence the blocked eyes :P
And after! Like I said before, MAC artists = brilliant
After getting all dolled up, we did a mini photo shoot at our apartment and then headed to MedBall.

We clean up well
I was so glad when dinner was served because I was famished!! As an appetizer we had a Mesclun garden herb and grilled Bosc pear salad, topped with blue cheese, spiced pecans, balsamic and olive oil dressing.


The entree was a duet of: (1) Prosciutto, asiago, and spinach-stuffed chicken breast, with balsamic pecan mushroom jus, and (2) Thyme- and garlic-marinated Atlantic salmon, with creamy lime and basil butter sauce. Only the salmon is pictured here but they were both delicious.


Dessert was a perfect ending: Decadent chocolate molten lava cake, with ganache and white chocolate shavings. It was very good but very heavy so a strong coffee was welcomed with open arms!

One of my favourite parts of Medball is definitely seeing everyone dressed up and taking pictures together.

It's tradition! All the asians in the class.
And the half-asian version of the peace sign was a definite must as well.
Having helped plan/decorate the photobooth I admit I'm a *tad* biased when I say it was pretty amazing. And look at that clapperboard! It was the product of 15 min of intense labour (made with black bristol board, printer paper, and a silver sharpie).

We danced the night away all in good fun, highlight definitely being when half of the people on the dance floor were choreographed to Saturday Night - Whigfield. After that experience, flash mob is officially on my bucket list.

Phew! I can't believe it's a new week. It feels good to finally have a breather...unfortunately that means my permanent residence will be the library for the next 3 weeks...


  1. All those dresses are so cute! Who knew MAC did such a great job at doing makeup! I've always been scared to get mine done there before big events because they tend to advertise very dramatic eye makeup and that scares me. It's refreshing to know that they don't. I love all the pictures, it looks like a great night. :)

  2. Thanks Britt :). And I know what you mean about the dramatic makeup!! I actually brought a picture with me and asked the MAC artist if he could do something similar. He was amazing at picking out my unique facial features and enhancing them. I've officially been won over. haha.

  3. Great dress! Looks like an excellent night :)