Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No obligations

Welcome to another non-stop day. Actually, it's more like a non-stop week between:

  • an extra psych clinical skills sessions,
  • med ball meetings/photobooth shopping,
  • a dentist appointment,
  • career planning sessions,
  • choir,
  • vocal chords practices (for our performance at medball)
  • a random meeting with my preceptor from last year
  • euphoria (charity production) practice

Oh...I suppose I should fit studying somewhere in there too!

Sometimes when things are crazy I go into daydream land, thinking "if I had no obligations, what would I do today?" I think it helps me deal with anxiety :P.

So, if I had no classes/meetings/exams looming on the horizon, I would:

Take a long run outside and admire the vibrant colours of the trees.

Bake some zucchini bread. I am dying to try this recipe.
Hit the mall and try on dresses with my sisters.

Eat sushi until it came out of my ears.

Watch a good 'ol chick flick...it's been ages since I've seen one!!
One of my favs!

Build myself a nest out of blankets and drink a large mug of hot chocolate...actually, make that a pumpkin spice latte ;)

Officially counting down the days to freedom. Happy Tuesday :)


  1. I like to daydream too... I think it really helps! When I'm about to do something I REALLY don't want to do, I picture myself after the event and don't worry about it as much.

  2. That's a great strategy :). I'll have to put that into practice in the next few weeks. Thanks!