Thursday, November 17, 2011

Burn baby burn

The other day when I was at Pete's Frootique I saw something that sparked my interest...

Wasabi Peanuts

I random...and a complete impulse buy. Darn that strong sense of curiosity :P.

Probably not the healthiest snack but there are definitely worse things out there.

Ingredients: Rice cracker powder, peanuts, corn powder, palm oil, wasabi (mustard powder), sugar, salt, artificial color, US FD&C (whaaaaa????), Yellow #5, Blue #1.

Part of me was terrified based on my first experience with was 3 years ago and I was eating sushi pretty much for the first time. I saw this green stuff on the side and thought it was guacamole, so (of course) I layered it on my sushi like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, my coworker had a bewildered look on her face...with good reason. Then I stuck the piece in my mouth.

Burn baby burn!!!

I don't think I've ever experienced anything quite so intense in my life. The burning sensation filtered through every cranial fossa possible and the tears poured out of my lacrimal ducts (can you tell I'm studying head & neck anatomy right now? haha). From that point on I learned to treat wasabi with respect...

...until yesterday...

Yes friends, that container used to be filled to the brim! I actually got a technique down where eating them wasn't quite so painful and was actually enjoyable. It went something like this:
  • throw wasabi peanut to the side of your mouth
  • chew wasabi peanut as fast as possible
  • do not breathe in while chewing
Nevertheless there were times when the technique still did not work in my favour, leading to...

See that glistening in my eye? Tears were shed.
I've gotta say I've learned my lesson, although the snack was strangely addictive. I also have a soft spot for spicy foods.

 Off to the lab right time!!


  1. I love / hate spicy food! My grandmother makes a really good curry but one time she went way overboard on the spice and everyone's eyes were watering at the dinner table because our mouths were burning, haha :)

  2. It's definitely a love-hate relationship. haha. And that's hilarious about your grandmother's curry mishap. My dad did something similar except purposefully. My grandma was complaining that the food wasn't spicy enough so he added a TON of peppers! Needless to say, after that she never complained about his cooking again :D.

  3. Haha that cracks me up about the wasabi "guacamole"! Plus your anatomy terms made me laugh because I'm taking a break from studying anatomy as well.

  4. Ohhh's a beautiful thing :D. I'm glad we're on the same page! haha.