Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's amazing how I go through my day fueled by "hidden" motivators. It's only when reflecting back that they become more apparent. Today I was motivated to:
  • Go to the library early because my roomie wanted to get to work around the same time. The short walk to school is always easier with companionship :).
  • Eat mindfully because of the ginormous dream dinner I had with my family last the time lunch rolled around I was still full!!
  • Study at the library for 3 hrs because of a justified fear of the neuro exam.
  • Go for a 6km run after class because:
    • we had an extra lecture scheduled after tutorial...which meant 4 hrs of sitting on my rear!
    • I had this for fuel:

Fresh strawberries, hand-dipped in chocolate as a surprise birthday gift from an 'anonymous' giver :)

  • Run up a hill (aka my worst enemy) because I was in good company (thanks Mike!!)
Fine, fine...I suppose there was also a *decent* amount of downhill for the route!
  • Study some more this evening because Michael Buble is crooning in the background. I may even pull out the Christmas candles...and stockings...and figurines. I guess that would technically fall under procrastination though :P
Happy Hump Day!

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