Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back in the day

Do you remember the good 'ol days when it seemed like I went to the Farmers Market every single weekend? I think that trend is coming back ;).

Christmas cookies at Mary's Bread Basket. I love the round Santa faces!

New to us was a chalkboard that anyone could write on. My roomie pointed out the phrase below which appropriately describes our feelings towards the market (and no, it's not Steve <3's Carol).

We <3 the Farmer's Market!!
It was one of my favourite trips of the year, partially because of the Christmas spirit in the air and also because we were able to take our merry old time. I also got some presents which I can't post here unfortunately! Believe me, I wish I could!

For the afternoon/ evening I was at church to help out with our annual Christmas play: This Very Night. This year I served on the tech crew for 3/6 productions! Here are a few pics I took from the sound booth.

Opening was a full house!
Market scene - do you see the live sheep in the aisle? The whole flock (aka 2 of them) were quite vocal this year :D.
Me and my sister in the sound booth. We soooo fly. haha...not.
Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

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