Monday, December 5, 2011

Lab goggles and Christmas parties

During my undergrad, there were a few courses I took which required lab goggles. Sure they protected my eyes from spashes of acidic liquids and dissection specimens during organic chemistry and plant & animal diversity. But beyond the lab setting I've had no use for them...

...until this past weekend...

Say hello to the solution for teary eyes when cutting onions. Well, actually I can't vouch for it but my roomie seemed to think it made a difference while making Buble's guacamole! And what was the occassion? Only the first Christmas party of the season hosted by the barefoot contessa/host extraordinaire!

If you're looking at the guy on the right you've got the wrong person. Sorry Mike, you didn't quite make the cut :P. I went over to Gill's place on Saturday for an amazing Christmas dinner. Apparently this girl was cooking since 8am!! I've hosted dinner parties before but they were waaaay different in that:
a) I had the help of my roomies
b) We chose the most hassle-free recipes...i.e. build your own fajita.

Now THIS was a feast!

Perhaps the most impressive item was the cupcake tree. Not only esthetically amazing but equally delicious!

So thank you Gill, for taking the time to treat me to an incredible meal. I appreciated it SO much as did everyone else (especially after eating like crap for the past month while studying neuro). I don't know how you did it but you were superwoman that night :).

Love you!

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