Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Today I came to the realization that my childhood was deprived of one thing:

Well, maybe I was deprived of a few other things like Full House and TMNT, but at least I was aware of those.

Have you ever heard of this book? I'm really starting to feel like I missed out! It started yesterday when I read my friend Deb's blog. It was her daughter's birthday over the weekend and she made cupcakes themed after The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I was impressed as it was until my roomie said, "Oh my goodness, they look exactly like they're from the book!!" To which I replied, "Huh? There's a book?"

*roommate stares in disbelief*

Who knows, maybe I did read the book and it left little impact on me. Or maybe I was traumatized by something in the storyline and purposefully blocked it from my memory. In any case, I quickly got myself up to speed on this childhood classic thanks to good 'ol YouTube.

I actually felt like I was 3 years old when watching this video. I was smiling and giggling and counting on my fingers. Oh the days when life was simple!

And because every children's story has a moral behind it, my roomie and I did a quick google search and came across this article. To summarize it, some life lessons we can learn in Eric Carle's book are:

  • Don't try to be someone you're not
  • You need friends who care about you.
  • Overindulging is never an answer
  • When things go wrong, return to what you know.

(For an elaboration on these points, read the full article. It's a very interesting analysis).

The Verdict? I have officially fallen in love with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. If I ever have nieces or nephews this will be one of the stories that Auntie Rebekah reads to them. Heck, maybe I'll just buy it for myself and read it at bedtime!

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  1. I actually gasped audibly when I read that you had never heard of this book!!! You MUST procure a copy. Must!!!