Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I know what you're thinking: Silly girl, dessert doesn't have three esses. Well, that's true...unless you have 3 desserts in one day!

Lucky me ;)

It started off with one of Tish's coconut vanilla bean cupcakes. Heavenly! Absolutely delightful! Words can't even describe what perfection this reached!

The picture says it all...
I actually scarfed down the cupcake on the way to Cafe Istanbul where my procomp tutorial group was meeting for lunch. I enjoyed the shish wrap (grilled lamb skewers) with a side of salad. Anytime lamb presents itself to me on a menu I order it in an attempt to break out of my chicken rut. This wrap did not disappoint! A bonus? It was local meat so I could feel good about what I was eating.

Lunch was followed by coffee and dessert #2. This was a double layered pumpkin cheesecake on a gingerbread crust, garnished with real whip cream and slivered almonds. I also thoroughly enjoyed this dessert, although it may have been spoiled a tad by the cupcake. It's so hard being me sometimes.

And finally, dessert #3 was homemade cookies from one of our tutors! I'm not 100% sure what type they were but they reminded me a bit of a snickerdoodle. Can you tell what I thought of them?

And in case you're wondering, my group DID indeed discuss the case. How could you even doubt? :P

So to be honest it's been a while since my body has been exposed to so much sugar in a short period of time, and I'm definitely feeling the effects. I guess it's just providing me with lots of fuel for a long 6am run tomorrow! Woo hoo! Yeah...we'll see if that happens...

Happy Tuesday (although it feels like it should be Thursday already)!

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